April 23

writing and reading tip 8.)

hello and thank you for reading this blog post. in this post i will be showing you a video, and listing off the main points of the video, for the writing tip. for the reading tip i will be giving you the link to the quiz for what book type you should read. (i did not make it, so not every book genre I went over will be in it.) well, now to the blog!

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this is a video by jerry b. jenkins, who gives 13 steps to write a book. if you do not know who he is, he is a bestselling author who has published pver 190 books, and has been writing for over 40 years. here’s the video link:

here are the main pionts and things to take away from the video:


1.) speed is not the point, quality is the point.

2.) a writer can write anywhere.

3.) make a list of what you need before you write.

4.) you need to have a big idea.

5.) thrive in the marathon of the middle.

5.) if it seems boring to you, your reader is asleep.

6.) keep your deadline sacred

7.) how bad do you want this?

8.) make your character have conflict!

9.) tension on every page.

10.) don’t survive. thrive.

11.) readers remember what moves them.


1.) establish your writing space.

2.)assemble your writing tools.

3.)break the project into small pieces.

4.) settle on your big idea.

5.) construct your outline.

` fiction vs. non-fiction

` marathon of the middle

` same structure

` outline serves YOU

6.) set a firm writing schedule. (firm deadline)

7.) conduct your research.

8.) write a compelling, reader-first, opener.

`first lines: surprising, dramatic statement, philosophical, poetic.

9.) fill your story with conflict and tension.

10.) turn of your internal editor, (while writing).

11.) don’t quit during the marathon in the middle.

12.) write a resounding ending.

13.) become a ferocious (aggressive) self-editor

well, thats all the main things in the video. now, to reading tip number 8!

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here is the quiz link i was talking about: (i am sorry for the little bit of language in it. i did not make it.)


now, there is something that is not completely related to the book genre thing, but it is for school so I have to do it. so here it is:

the first thing i see are crumbs on the table, where i sit. they are probably from a studet who sat there recently. tables and chairs and computer desks fill the room, and in the back, behind me, are rows of shelves, filled with books. there are a few rooms along the walls, with windows to see inside. inside one room are some adults, probably teachers, talking about something. something that i cannot hear. in another room, was a teacher who was working quietly at their desk. the rest were empty. on the gray walls, were posters ad pictures, hanged every which way. posters about skittles, and new books that just flew in. i can smell the paper around me, not strong, but obvious. a couple of students wander the room, chatting quietly, looking at books. some are on a computer, doing who knows what. there is a large desk at the front of the room, with a teacher there on her phone. i hear and see a parent go up to the desk and ask about her son’s book charge. when she gets her answer she walks out the door, and the door closes with a thud. a few doors open and close around me, with deputies, and teachers walking about. small talk happens every few minutes, and i hear a radio go off from one of the teachers, saying someone is to go home. this continues for minutes on end, until my time is up.

guess where i was in the comments below, thank you for reading. stay tuned for the next post!

April 15


hello everyone, in this post is just giving you a few updates about what’s happening. I’m sorry, I have not posted in a while, and that I have not done any more of the student blogging challenge posts. some things have popped up in my personal life, and things had gotten a bit busy. but the good news is that I’m back and I’m doing regular posts now. I am not going to be doing the student blogging challenge anymore since I am so far behind, but I will do my regular writing and reading tips. my next post will be reading and writing tip 8.) unless plans are changed in the next few days.

thank you for reading, come back soon for the next post!

March 10

student blogging challenge: week 1

Hello, and welcome to another one of my posts! I

am doing the March student blogging challenge this year, and this will be a post for it. So I am sorry if you were expecting another writing and reading tip, but this will not be for it.

In this post, I will be talking about my avatar I have made for myself and my book characters.  (In case you have not read any of my previous blog posts I am currently writing a book, and will be published sometime in summer/fall of 2019.)

This is my avatar:




I have pure, bright, blonde hair, (that I get a lot of questioning if it’s real, I don’t like being in the center of attention, so I plan on dying it sooner or later.) and, well, the avatar says most of it for me.




But, for my book characters avatars, let me just say, the website I made the avatars on does not do tons of details, (but I still recommend it, I will tell you the website name at the end of this blog.) so it is not completely accurate. I will tell you a little bit about each character after I show the picture, as well.





Dyna is the book series main character, she is careful and cautious, but also loves a little adventure and mystery





He is the fun jokester of the book series, Dylan loves to make others happy and will do anything to protect his friends.







The wise teen of the book series, he is less fun and games and more serious, but holds many secrets and looks as if he knows something you don’t.






The most secretive of the characters, she has a bad habit of not talking and spacing out in thought.
Those are my 4 main book characters, of the earth realm guardians.

https://avatarmaker.com this is the link to the website I used, I recommend it for fun use. I hope you enjoyed this, come back for more soon!

March 7

writing tip 7.) reading tip 7.)

Hello and welcome to my seventh blog post! I do hope you have been enjoying my previous posts, and I hope you will enjoy this one. This will be about and I will go over another two book genres. I will also be going over a few basic things about my next blog post and a short quiz seeing what genres fit you. (The quiz will not be 100% accurate, it is just for fun.)

Related imageWriting tip:

find a partner. find someone you can write with, and someone who is also a reader. this can help you in many ways like:
1.) getting advice

2.) getting rid of writers blocks (or at least trying to)

3.) help each other

and more!  finding a buddy or pal to work with will help a lot. but if you rather work alone and find others “help” annoying and unhelpful, that’s ok. that is the way I am as well. I hate working with others, cause i find that if multiple people are trying to work on one thing there are so many arguments and discussions when it could have been done already. but for others, it may be the best thing for you.

Image result for reading quotesReading tip:

This time I will be writing about two book genres, both of them I had never heard of before, but, apparently, are popular. Dystopia and haiku.

Dystopia: this genre of books is about a community or society that is unhappy and frightening. It is translated into “not-good place” and is an antonym to utopia. Dystopian communities and societies appear in many fictional works and in stories based in the future.

Haiku: this is a Japanese poem with seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five. Usually evoking pictures of the natural world. A good example is birds punctuate the days by Joyce Clemet, or lines if a skull by Ravi Shankar.

Now that I have gone over some genres, I will tell you a little bit about my quiz that will be in my next post. It will go over all the genres, and you will answer a few questions and then at the end, you will get your results!

Well, that’s all for this post so I hope you liked it and will read the next one!

February 28

writing tip 6.) reading tip 6.)

hello, and welcome to my blog! in this blog I will give another writing tip and I will discuss a book genre, then show a graph.   I hope you have been enjoying my previous blogs, and I hope you will enjoy this one.

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in this post, I will be talking about a tip for beginning novel writers. don’t write something you would not read. write what you love to read about. for me, my favorite books are fantasy novels and fiction. so the books i write are going to be fiction, i have tried writing something non-fiction before and, well, it didn’t work out well. stick to what you like and there is more of a chance you are going to be better at that than anything else. why? well, I’m glad you asked. it is actually quite simple, some of you reading this may already know why. but anyway, if you read something a lot you are going to be more used to it and comfortable with the subject. if you don’t read something a lot or ever, you do not know how to write that way and are less accustomed to it.

Image result for reading quotes reading tip:

below here i will be showing a graph of how many people are daily readers.


I have done some research and, though it took a while, I have found that there are becoming few people who read as a pastime and as a hobby. fewer and fewer leave books behind and only read if they must. i find it very sad to admit that the new generation may even lower in readers. many people in middle school, high school, college, and even elementary hate reading and will do anything to avoid it. but there are a few out there who, like me, have taken there time and read whenever possible. so i do hope that you are one of them.

let’s talk about another subject, like poetry.

poetry: I am pretty sure almost everyone knows what this is. poetry sometimes rymes, and it gives of a feeling. sometimes it is sadness, or happiness and joy, or maybe anger, but they are usually made to portray a feeling about a certain subject.

thanks for reading my blog! i do hope you enjoyed this post, and i hope you will enjoy my next one!

February 20

writing tip 5.) reading tip 5.)

hi, welcome to my 5th blog post! I hope you have been reading my last posts, but if not go and read those and see what I do here. if you have, thank you so much for reading them and keeping up with me. well, let’s start these tips!

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this tip will be about a big tip I think has helped me a lot. don’t write to get fame. yes, yes, i know, that really is not a tip. but it is something to remember when writing. if you write to get famous you will worry if your work is good enough, and you will size them up to other books. never, ever, compare your work to others. it will get you nervous, and you will always talk down about your story.  it is good to read, and never stop reading, but don’t look at your work and then others and think, “mine could be better.” don’t think you can be a better writer than another person, and don’t think you are worse. writers are writers, we are all equal.

Image result for reading quotesreading tip:

in this post, I will talk about two more genres.

comics: comics are mainly popular with children and young teenagers, but are still read by some hardcore fans of the series who are adults. they are all pictures, but it does not mean they are all children’s stories. a book with pictures does not mean it is designed for children.

steampunk: this is a very interesting genre that seems to interest me. it is a subgenre of science fiction and science history, they use 19th-century technology and upped the anti. (as I like to say) for more information on the subject go here. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=steampunk

thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you will continue reading my blogs, and I hope you enjoyed this post.




February 14

writing tip 4.) reading tip 4.)

Hello, and welcome to my 4th blog post! I hope you have had a good time reading my lasts ones because now it is time for a new one!

Image result for writing quotesWriting tip:

My fourth writing tip is… just write. It is as simple as that. Just write, don’t edit and write, edit and write. Write without fearing the consequences. Just write your heart out! Don’t worry about editing as you go, it will mess you up. (I speak from experience) write your 1st draft, re-read it, then edit it. Continue doing that until you like your product.

Put your words on paper and let your heart flow out all the words you feel go onto the paper. Ignore the grammar issues and incorrect sentences, you will fix them in your editing. Don’t interrupt yourself from writing. It is important to try to have no interruptions, it is much better without the interruptions, and quieter. Now, you may not have time, you may have work, and you’re a parent, you could be in school as well and busy with homework. But that should not stop you from trying to find time for your writing. I am a middle school student who has a lot of homework most of the time, and when I am not doing that I am helping my large family. So I am trying to get myself to get up early, before anyone is awake so there are no distractions, and start writing. So just write.


Related imageReading tip:

I am going to go over two more genres. Soon I will make my own quiz and you can see which genres fit your personality. It will not be completely accurate, but it is all for fun.

Biography: these are books which describe and tell a story of someone’s life. They are accurate most of the times and tell true things and events that happened to the person.

Short story: short stories are generally what the name says. They are around 1,000 words long, (which is not long at all.), and usually, do not have a subplot. (For the definition of subplot go here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subplot )


Well, that is all for this post I hope you continue to read my blog posts, and I hoped you enjoyed!

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February 6

writing tip 3.) reading tip 3.)

thank you again for coming and reading this! I appreciate that you are reading this and hope you stick around for more!

Image result for writing quotes writing tip 3.)

in this blog post, I will be giving you a tip about how to stay committed with writing a story.  let’s start with a few points:

1.) always devote time to your story. I said this in my recent blog post, to always spend some time on writing every day.  here is a link to a website that I would look at to find some more information on trying to devote time to writing.


2.) don’t start writing another story, stick with the one you have started. this is especially hard for me, and it may be for you as well. for me, I have started 15 stories, but I started writing a novel before all those stories started. I got way off track, and now I regret it.

3.) write your ideas for other books in a notebook. don’t do what I did, write your ideas down and do one thing at a time.

Image result for reading quotes reading tip 3.)

in this post, I will talk about three types of genres, instead of just two, like in the others that I have done. I will be talking about tragedy, mythology, and romance.

tragedy: it is in the name, but I found a Wikipedia page for this, therfore here is a link to the page I found.


mythology: folklore, gods, and monsters. that is mythology, most mythology includes greek, roman, or other types, f gods, and heroes who defeat monsters of the myths.

romance: romance is about love, and excitement in love life. most of these books are not suited for young readers and are therefore put in the young adults rarely. they are usually put into the adult section of books.


thank you for reading this, and i hope that you enjoyed this and will read my next post!

January 31

writing tip 2.) reading tip 2.)

hello, and welcome back to my blog on reading and writing tips! this will be tips 2.) for both of the subjects. now, you may be reading this for the first time and some of you may be thinking, “reading does not have anything in common with writing!” yes, yes it does. they have everything to do with each other. writing makes reading possible, and reading the books that are written inspires other to write. So really it is a circle of words. read a book, another is written, you read that, then another is made. so hopefully you understand how they relate, so enjoy what tips i have for you this time!


Image result for writing quotesWriting Tip:

Continuous Writing:

you need to write every day. Or at least try to. It would be great for you if you try to write every day. try to write in free time, or set time aside for writing. remember, don’t be lazy! laziness will be your enemy if you want to write every day, trust me. set a goal for your daily writing. maybe a time, like 30 minutes or something around that time that will be easy for you and your schedule. or maybe not a time, maybe you want to do a word count every day. this I is good too, my word limit for each day is 500 words. you can go higher or lower than this because it is not that many words.

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” -Frederick Douglas.         Reading Tip:

Two more book genres:

I will go over two more popular book genres for this blog. horror and science fiction.


Terrifying encounters, scary villains, kidnapping. Those are all examples of horror. Horror is all scary, and dark. some people love these types of books, others, not so much.

science fiction:

Image result for alien funny meme Aliens. Sci-fye. Both are science fiction. These books are usually about alien encounters, always fake, though, because of it being fiction.

Those are two pretty basic genres, and I will go over two more genres next time.

Have a nice day! Come back again!

January 24

writing tip 1.) reading tip 1.)

Hello, and welcome to Reading and Writing Tips. This is reading and writing tips 1. and 2.


Image result for writing quotes Writing Tip 1.)

Make sure that each of your characters has their own personality.  They can’t have the same likes and dislikes, and favorite things to do, and stuff like that. Each of your characters needs their own accent and their own voice. Everyone can’t have the same perspective on everything. make sure they have qualities that every human has. (At least if they are human, if they are animal I will talk about animal perspective another time.) Describe their scents, and emotions, like, jealousy, boredom, and other small emotions.

Image result for reading quotes Reading Tip 1.)

How To Pick Your Genre:

There are tons of writing genres.


(^ That is a link to a Wikipedia list of writing and reading genres. )

I will go over two genres this time. these are the most common genres that you will see everywhere.


Fiction is a very popular choice for kids, teenagers, and even young adults. it is not real, fantasy, and things like that. It is fake, fiction is not real, made up events and characters.


This is the opposite of fiction, pretty much. This is real stuff, so it is either a real person and what they did, or a made-up character in a real event that has happened or is happening.